Monday, January 12, 2015

Petitions and More, Jan. 12 To send 3 short emails to the Mayors of Seoul sister cities, if not done so yet!  CITES Secretariat: do everything in your power to stop the chase and capture of more Elephants and rescue the vulnerable, sensitive baby Elephants currently awaiting export! Help Protect Florida Panther Habitat! Zip=5 digits Once more please Create mandatory offender registry for animal abusers! Zip=5 digits! Citizens' Initiative For information on electronic declaration of consent, "More Animals Rights!" (63 / BI), Austrians only... Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen, numerous animal-tormenting hunting practices are still allowed, we need to change the Hunting laws! International I wish to express my support for the proposed rule to list African lions as threatened under the Endangered Species Act! Deadline Jan. 27 The strong bond between mother Orcas and their babies, a Pledge Tell Carnival Cruise Lines to clean up its act!  Many more petitions on South Korea to sign and share please! Justice for a defenseless horse that´s been skinned alive in Miami! ....  Bristol-Myers Squibb, global biopharmaceutical company Stop The Spraying of Toxic Herbicides On Prince Of Wales Island
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