Saturday, January 3, 2015

Petitions and More, Jan. 3  Allocate Funding to Review the Science of Listing Wild Bison Under the Endangered Species Act! Once more, needs more attention! US info Belgium, to Stop private Fireworks! Confirm please Spain, Barcelona, humanize parts of the new law for pets! It's inhumane to deprive beings such as cats, of a little food and affection
Argentina, Legislature, Province of Buenos Aires, discussion and approval of the Bill for Education away from Abuse and Cruelty to Animals, D 1500 / 14-15-0, to promote respect and empathy for all animal species, and valuing education to change society Spain, Escorial, We demand the prohibition of Las becerradas, where young animals are subjects of torture, suffering until death! Spain, Huelva, Limit the use of pyrotechnics to scheduled days and enabled locations, away from homes, playgrounds and animals
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