On a daily basis, animals are drowned, suffocated and starved to death; they have their limbs severed and their organs crushed; they are burned, exposed to radiation and used in experimental surgeries; they are shocked, raised in isolation, exposed to weapons of mass destruction and rendered blind or paralyzed; they are given heart attacks, ulcers, paralysis, and seizures; they are forced to inhale tobacco smoke, drink alcohol, and ingest various drugs like heroin and cocaine........
Entirely funded through the NIH by unwitting taxpayers, healthy horses are forced to endure agonizing pain inside the University of Florida with absolutely no pain relief.
In a grueling regimen to create osteoarthritis in these victims, sadists inside UF open up the horses’ leg, chip away at their bones, and leave the shards inside the animal.
Then these horses are forced to run on treadmills day after day while they measure the increasing pain and lameness in the debilitated individual.

Interestingly, the governing protocol demands that the progression of the horses’ nightmare be recorded digitally.
Yet, no videos were forthcoming with this latest batch of records — only these very poor images which document the incontrovertible horror.
After about ten days, many of these victims are then murdered.