Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Petitions and More, July 16

Justice for Kiara and Wolf, 2 Husky’s stabbed to death!
France: the actions of Mr Antoine Beaufour, used to pound Luzon. This individual is engaged in massacres of stray dogs found in the town of Luzon!  Needs a few more signatures  France, end deep water fishing, prohibit bottom trawling!  No account needed  Tell the European Commission to Act against Illegal Drift Gillnets in Morocco!  Iran. Confirm signatures afterwards please  Scroll down please. Many more to sign afterwards, via the mail!   Save the Chinese White Dolphins! Use translate please    No to the environmental destruction of the power plant expansion in Kaunertal Tirol!   Different Tweetstorms for Activists  Protect Red Wolves From Indiscriminate Hunting!
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