Friday, July 11, 2014

Petitions and More, July 11   RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris: No more testing cigarettes on helpless animals! Non-US: state=none  Univ. of Florida: STOP these extremely CRUEL TESTS on HORSES! To use many more email addresses to send a more extensive sample letter to, please visit the page above. The letter is in English.
As well!  Take action for Lab Animals, scroll down please  Stop animal testing for cosmetics worldwide! Click 4 times (4 messages to send!)  This is the Wool Industry...! Sign, once more please;jsessionid=2CB93AD1D42682C73FE2C2E764870F00.app337b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=2711   Irresponsible wildfire funding is burning up the budget, support S. 1875 and H.R 3992, the bipartisan Wildfire Disaster Funding Act! US  In 2009 USDA's "Wildlife Services" arm killed the entire eight-member Sage Creek Pack of wolves due to depredations that began with the killing of a single sheep from the sheep station; close it now! US ZIP  Animal suffering-free clothing instead of wool!   Pakistan and India, enforce laws that prevent "bear-baiting" and prosecute offenders! (clean required fields first)  Remove all rhino horn and ivory from government venues!  At your right, sign now; confirm afterwards in the (spam) mail  Will the Third Runway be the final blow to Hong Kong’s Chinese white dolphin? Protest!  Oil companies want to search for oil in the sea around Ibiza and its neighbouring islands – using unimaginably loud airguns, protest please!  Italy, stop the killing of non-native animals! (click no newsletter)  Banned from YouTube, Lego, cut ties with Shell! Click at your right  Ulan-Ude and other Russian cities, t Reba: introduce amendments to the law "On the content and the protection of pet animals on the territory of the Republic of Buryatia" № 505-V, abolishing trapping and killing animals, and develop an effective and humane control of the number of stray dogs! Use the method called "Catching-Sterilization-Vaccination-Back (Return) "!  Use Google translate please   Spain:  End this gruesome way of letting galgos die!  Stop the Airlines from transporting live cetaceans. Incl petitions if not signed yet  Elephant Sunder, incl. petitions, if not signed yet
Tweetstorm  Close down the Brussels slaughterhouse, for the sake of the animals!
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Name:  Ciulcu Daniela Mihaela   SWIFT:   BACXROBU   Grizly Bear Cub & Wolf Cub Playing; more video’s next!

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