Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Petitions and More, July 2  Again: Help Ban Sales of Animal-Tested Cosmetics in India!  Make CCTV mandatory for all slaughterhouses! Needs many more signatures, UK info  fill in town and street. Confirm signature afterwards  Ask your MEPs to support European legislation for CCTV in abattoirs! UK only
Going fast, sign if not done so, and share!  Tell Washington It's Too Early to Talk About Wolf Hunting!  For Non-US: state=other, ZIP=5 digits   Please Protect the Wolf and the California Endangered Species Act!  Federal Court Orders to Curtail Illegal Grazing Must be Enforced  Tell President Obama to Protect Greater Canyonlands!  Don't Reward Arson with Post-Fire Old Growth Logging!  End Ecocide in Europe, non- Europeans can sign as well!  We're not leaving much for grizzlies, other wildlife or our own children to thrive. Get People Talking This World Population Day. US only  Best Foods and Hellmann’s dispose of more than a million live baby chicks every year like they’re trash, protest (again)!  Change the lives of over 11 million hens still living in cages   Oppose HR 4432, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act  Gov. of Cordoba, charges for animal abuse against the owner, and immediately relocate the dog into safety!  Unless in defence of animal welfare, pictures of killed\abused animals should be banned
                                                      ===========   News, video’s, polls   ==========  Romania: Do you agree with euthanasia (=massacring!) of stray dogs? Scroll down, Vote=vo teaza NU please as often as possible  Poll: Should Facebook remove Kendall Jones' photos?  Vote yes please

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