Friday, July 25, 2014

Petitions and More, July 25   Help stop elephant torture! Tell South Africa’s President Zuma that elephants in his country need his help! Again please!  Send a message on behalf of the horrific suffering, endured by Australian cattle, in Gaza and Asian countries!   Needs many more signatures! UK-cit.: yes! Confirm in the (spam) mail please!  The Nepalese Hindu Forum UK completely opposes animal sacrifice as Hinduism does not sanction the killing of living beings… There should not be any place for this inhumane, barbaric sacrifice of innocent animals at  Gadhimai, in the name of any religion! Sign again please!  Again please: Obama, Protect whales from deadly sonar and explosives!   Tell Congress to Protect Traveling Exotic Animals! US   We Scots and the animals suffering all across our nation deserve better! Scots only.  Send message (copy/paste) to  Action against Bird Poisoning; Stop killing 16,000 Cormorants in Oregon!  Submit a Public Comment to Stop an Arctic Ocean Triple Whammy!  Tell Idaho: Rein In Those Traps!  File charges against Danielle Susan Ruger and Jennifer Greene of Clay County Florida for cruelty!
                                                                       ==========    News, video’s, polls  ==========  In Romania, report, English version  Japan’s unsustainable and irresponsible whale, dolphin  and porpoise hunts   The Save the Death Camp Dogs – Romanian Woofers Need You Group  Funny animals, short video’s


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