Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cyprus, treatment of Animals, July 2014

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Subject: Cyprus, treatment of Animals, July 2014

Dear President,
Dear Government of Cyprus,
Dear Sir, Madam:

We want to bring the following facts to your attention.

Unfortunately, this case of unacceptable cruelty is not the only one in your country.

'Little Billly' a small defenceless puppy was deliberately caught and thrown into a commercial cardboard crushing machine on the orders of the manager of a large hotel in Protaras, Cyprus.

The agonised, piercing screams of this puppy were heard by horrified tourists, can you imagine his agony and utter terror as the heavy mechanisms crushed his little neglected body!

He was clearly a stray and had been wandering around the hotel for some days (at least)


Instead of calling animal welfare or even the dog pound or alerting the municipality as a RESPONSIBLE person would do, this manager had his staff chase the terrified animal for days, finally catching him and lifting him into the crusher. 

In a trusted, responsible position one should be expected to behave accordingly, this person acted like a savage and encouraged his staff to do the same.

The excuse reportedly given to the police was that they thought the dog was dead, nonsense! But even if it was, is it responsible behaviour or even legal or hygienic to crush an animal and mix it with cardboard waste?

This incident in itself is not the only reason for this letter; it is the fact that this can even happen in a civilised country

​ ​

Many despicable acts of cruelty are seen as the norm, it has to stop !

The large majority of Cypriots are friendly, decent, hospitable people, they do not deserve this shame or the negative impact that this behaviour has on tourism.

The fact that this affects tourism is a very important factor.

Indeed, many tourists complain about the neglect and treatment of the animals in Cyprus.

Cyprus must wake up and address this problem
​ ​

No living creature should ever be treated in this way
​ ​

We ask that:

1 - An animal welfare and wildlife crime division is formed within the police. These people must be educated so that they present a united front when dealing with these cases. They must enforce the law with meaningful monetary and penal punishments for those that break it.

2 - The Government veterinary services should work together with the public and animal charities to implement humane solutions of controlling animal overpopulation. They should stop spreading misinformation or suggesting ‘stop feeding them’ when TNR (Catch, neuter, return) volunteers ask for help in dealing with people that harass them and break the law.

3 - Schools must educate children and teachers with the help of charities in regards to Animal welfare. Similarly a campaign must be run across the island educating older people in regards to what is acceptable behaviour while making it clear that we will not tolerate animal cruelty any longer.

Otherwise, we promise not to visit your country.

We thank you for reading this letter.