Monday, July 14, 2014

Petitions and More, July 14  Drop your plans to impose harsh penalties on people who film animal abuse on factory farms, and instead improve animal welfare standards!   Current Action Alerts, please sign (again)!   Help save Red Wolves, and other actions!
Supreme court: Prohibit bullfighting in Bogota - Colombia!   Colombia, Punishment for mr. Capital Cleaning company who severed the limbs of a defenseless dog, Doll! Abuse of animals, in all its forms, should be punished by law!  Colombia, Protect these Naples Hippo’s from being killed, there are options for relocation and protection within the territory!  Romania, demand these Dog Catchers stop killing dogs within 2 hours!   Asia, Prosecution for animal torturers
                                                                  ===========    News, video’s, polls   ============   MAP and DSN want to send 6 pallets of dog food to Romania! But we lack overall still € 271 for the freight forwarder! Who can spend a few cents?   Noah’s Little Arc, Silke Wrobel, Kreta Greece  The Senate today shot down a motion to move forward on S. 2363, the dangerous if innocuous sounding “Sportsmen’s Act”!

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