Saturday, July 5, 2014

Petitions and More, July 5  Namibia, Stop the Massacre of Cape Fur Seals!  Take following actions for the Seals!  Please withdraw Canada's WTO challenge. Still active
Free sterilization of Stray Cats in Switzerland! Needs more signatures!   No financing of the Icelandic whaling!  Ask the Canadian government to end the seal slaughter! Scroll down to sign!  Berlin, Germany: construction of a huge animal testing laboratories for thousands and thousands of genetically-modified mice planned!  Scroll down to sign, please  A message to send, against Botox testing on Animals!  It’s time to ban bee-killing pesticides! Scroll down to sign
                                                          ===========   News, video’s, polls    ===========   Compassion in World Farming   Elk saves drowning Marmot  A frightened homeless dog gets rescued during a firework display. More video’s at the end!

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