Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Petitions and More, July 30   Urgent letter against the dog and cat meat trade in the Philippines! Copy / paste / copy in Google translate first to obtain a regular letter. You might have to leave out the first email address  Tell your Representative to Oppose Hastings’ Four Anti-Wildlife Bills! US  Speak up for wolves in the Pacific Northwest! US  Fb, have it removed! Confirm afterwards please!   Greece, mayor Stylidas, care for the stray animals and apply Law 4039/2012, to proceed with a sterilization and vaccination program, and to create a municipal veterinarian office
Do NOT exterminate all the stray cats of the town Nizzas, France!   Romania, Bucharest: dog-catching organisation ASPA violates a decision of the Court of Appeal and, more recently, of Brasov, still trying to catch as many dogs as possible, paid for by public money! Organized crime, protected by masked commando's!  Ban Free for Sale Pet sites on Facebook  ...
                                                    ===========     News, video’s, polls    ==========   Silke Wrobel fights tirelessly for 25 years for the dogs and cats in Crete!  Raising $25 Million For Endangered Animals  Victory!  ALDF reached a settlement with the organizer of the annual JMK Coyote Hunting Contest in Harney County, Oregon!  Good news: Idaho Suspends Wilderness Wolf-killing Plan in Face of Court Challenge!   Funny animals video’s


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