Friday, July 18, 2014

Petitions and More, July 18  Support Anti-Trapping Bill  H.R.3513! (simply register please)  Urgent! End Taxpayer Spending on Wildlife Killing!
For Non-US: state=other, ZIP=5 digits  Several anti-palmoil actions, automated  Please take action for animals used in research  Stop animal testing for cosmetics worldwide, easy to participate in 4 clicks  (again)  As well: Make CCTV mandatory for all slaughterhouses, UK citizen: yes. Confirm!
Update  Protect Ocelots and Jaguars from Open-pit Mining! ZIP=5 digits  Legislation aimed at protecting dogs and other animals who are left in cars in extreme temperatures, US states  EU: a Ban on Cloning! UK: farm animal cloning is cruel and unnecessary!  Protect monarch butterflies by stopping the approval of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready and other herbicide resistant genetically engineered crops!
This man does not deserve to have dogs!  Reject the South African Proposal to Trade In Rhino Horn!  Several petitions, if not signed yet!
                                                           =========   News, video’s, polls   ===========  Still going: Do you agree with euthanasia (slaughter) of stray dogs? NO!! NU, Voteaza!  Catastrophic conditions in Rumanian Dog animal shelters  Scandal: Romanian Authority ASPA continues to illegally kill dogs! Use translate please
More  The people of Romania are taking to the streets in ever increasing numbers to defend those who cannot defend themselves  Sentencing Campaign Survey!  To vote for this story, Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary Inc.  (every day)

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