Thursday, July 17, 2014

Petitions and More, July 17  Tell USDA to Take Meaningful Action Against Biotech Cited for Animal Welfare Act Violations! US
 For Non-US: state=none, ZIP= 5 digits!  Encourage the Bangor Daily News to support the End Maine’s Bear Hunt Initiative that will ban some of the cruelest forms of bear hunting!  Pampered trophy hunters who come to SA for no other reason than to torture and kill hand reared lions! Protestletter, use the email block!   France: let the Wolves live! Needs more signatures. Confirm please  Please Cancel Neglected Elephant Nosey's Appearance!  Help prevent oil and gas leasing in the Arctic Ocean! US
                                                             ==========    News, video’s, polls   =========   Current atrocities taking place in Bucharest Romania, a war has started between ASPA and the rescuers, seeing old aged pensioners having their lifelong companions taken from them   Citizen rally against bullfighting Soustons (07/13/2014)  Must see/read stories   Vincent Ganaye Panoramic Photography


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