Saturday, July 12, 2014

Petitions and More, July 12  Again please, Help stop elephant torture. Tell South Africa’s President Zuma that elephants in his country need his help!
English letter against the consumption of dog meat in Nigeria!  Karstadt, Ralph Lauren and Breuninger: Please sell instead of wool animal friendly materials, again please;jsessionid=10BF7EB2A612EB745B4BF4AB1F5E93E0.app324a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1659  Urgent, deadline Thursday! I am outraged that the US is spearheading efforts to legitimize the killing of whales in Japan under the guise of 'research’!  End the Canadian Seal Slaughter With A Federal Buyout! More needed!   Push back unjustified privileges for private investors at the expense of people and societies as a whole!
The Brumby horse is an integral part of our history, not vermin!  More signatures please!   Nepalese government:  Stop the senseless slaughter of thousands of farm animals! Stop your grant! In 2009, the government paid almost € 40,000, - to sacrifice the animals. That is in Nepal nearly 50 times the minimum salary!  To Prosecute every person in the Federal Reserve and the US Government, who destroy and order the killing of animals in the wild in Africa and globally!   Tell Congress: Don't Allow Overfishing!

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