Saturday, July 19, 2014

Petitions and More, July 19  Tell Congress that you Oppose H.R. 5058, the Wild Horse Oversight Act!  Please sign, needs 50000 signatures! Amendment of the German Animal Protection Act is needed. Confirm by clicking on the link in the (spam) email!    Please sign today, if not done yet! Use translate; Eco Association , trying to rescue the Chinese white dolphin   Andrey Bocharov Acting Governor of Volgograd Region: Stop the sadistic destruction of stray animals in Volgograd!  "Pilot" Program Could Open Pipeline to Dump Wild Horses & Burros in Foreign Lands! US –ZIP  Needs more attention! Stop financing of Icelandic whaling!  As well! Stop trapping and export of long-tailed macaques!  Ban the Snake slaughter in Texas
Urgent, needs many more signatures!  Save Africa's Last Remaining Rhinos!  Show the U.S. Government You Support Ending Illegal Poaching in Africa!   Pledge to Stop the Illegal Ivory Trade!  Protect Red Wolves From Indiscriminate Hunting! More signatures fast please!  Tell LEGO to Cut Ties with Shell
                                                           ===========   News, video’s, polls   ===========    Found outside Bucharest, Romania, urgent support needed!  Romania, Providing food to the 14 dogs each 7 - 10 days at Rainbow shelter on top of monthly land rent  Vote for this Schoolproject: teaching children about the types of dairy cows, their needs, their food, (their circumstances), giving milk, and what happens to calves after birth. Vote: at your right, top  Vote for this Blind Cat rescue

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