Friday, July 4, 2014

Petitions and More, July 4  If not mailed yet:  Please Support The Beagle Freedom Bill (S7475, A9900 )!   If not signed yet:  the rescue of six doomed beagles, destined to suffer and die in a laboratory. It is about time for a lawsuit with the neck question heroism or crime?  Stop Tormenting Chimpanzees in Cruel and Archaic Experiments!  Johns Hopkins University, immediately replace the use of pigs in the school’s medical student surgery clerkship!  To mail!  Report her Fb page: doesn’t belong on Fb, showing violence, or other choices!   Urge senators to vote NO to the cruel and misguided "Sportsmen's Bill"!  Stop the Gun Lobby's Toxic Lead Bill! US-ZIP  Please Oppose the Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act of 2014  Pay tribute to this American icon by supporting the National Bison Legacy Act!   FWS, protect the wildlife, habitat and water that exist on national wildlife refuges from private oil and gas organizations!   The living conditions of chickens and turkeys in Austria will deteriorate drastically! Protest please, scroll down to sign!  Leave Giuseppe Belvedere alone, he knows true humane solutions for the pigeons in Paris  Demand punishment for Kendal Jones, the cheerleader who hunted and killed a lion and several other wild animals!  Elderly Owner Hurt & Companion Killed - Hold Vicious Dog Owner Responsible!  Help Protect National Wildlife Refuges From Private Oil and Gas Companies!   Protect Rivers from Environmental Disaster
                                                                    ==========   News, video’s, polls   ===========  Time to Say Goodbye...TO THE ELEPHANTS...Gone by 2025  Poll:  Should zoophilia (bestiality, sex with animals) be banned in Denmark? Vote YES Please
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