Thursday, May 8, 2014

Petitions and More, May 8!take-action-email/c1fnb   Take action to save Elephants and Rhinos!   Use translate, scroll down and click on ‘helft mit’ to sign!  Still needs more attention! Air France, Stop Transporting Primates to Laboratories!   Use translate please:  Ask the Canadian government to end the seal slaughter!   Euro Candidates,  "A vote to Stop Vivisection" !  Deadline May 17th. EU only  I say NO to unnecessary safety tests on animals!  If not signed yet  Colombia, General Prosecutor's Office: Justice for Miguel Angel Montoya Palace, who was murdered by a dog abuser when Miguel came to the dogs rescue!   More signatures please!  EU citizens suffer from mental disorders, due to witnessing animal cruelty. Many more signatures please!  Closure of Animal Experimentation Centre Hospital of Timone in Marseille, France! Please, just 830 more signatures before May 31!   Oakland Chainsaw Massacre: Press charges in slaughter of Oakland shorebirds!   Tell BLM to Protect Public Land From Illegal Cattle!
                                                 =============    News, video’s    ==============  Hard work and devotion are only half the battle. Donate and join our global journey to rescue animals all over the planet!  Good news, and new actions!

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