Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Karakul lamb skins for Fur

Karakul lamb skins for Fur

Thank you Chantal and Nina

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Subject: Karakul lamb skins for Fur

Dear Sir, dear Madam:

The fur of the Karakul sheep is becoming increasingly popular.

There are two types of fur, for the first type the lambkin is slaughtered and skinned one to two days after birth because it still has its curls that begin to smoothen out after 3 days.

The second type is even more cruel, 15 - 30 days before the due date the throat of the ewe is slit without anaethesia and exsanguinated then the fetus ripped out of the dying animal´s womb, killed  and skinned.

They are born to die. All for the name of Fashion.

This is NOT fashion at all. This is Murder and we don’t there is nothing fashionable about murder..

About 4 million of these skins are produced annually.

The fur industry tries to justify karakul lamb fur as a byproduct but the mother sheep and her baby’s skinned carcass are usually regarded as waste.

The fur industry tries to justify karakul lamb fur as a byproduct but the mother sheep and her baby’s skinned carcass are usually regarded as waste.   - See more at:

Karakul Coats: A Look at the Sacrificial Lambs
No matter how you market it, fur is synonymous with violence and death!

I, therefore, appeal to you to renounce to manufacture the fur of the Karakul sheep 
and offer cruelty-free couture at all your locations.

Don´t be so heartless,  let those animals live free!

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  1. We received this letter from Ralph Lauren, mr. David M. Uricoll
    Thank you for your recent message and interest in the Ralph Lauren Corporation. Our Company continually seeks to conduct its business according to high ethical standards. We take this responsibility very seriously.
    Ralph Lauren Corporation has taken significant and positive actions for animals by instituting a policy prohibiting the use of authentic fur in any of our products and insisting on the humane treatment of any animals used strictly for their byproducts in our merchandise. All down and feathers in our apparel are from birds that are humanely treated and not force fed. All down and feathers are removed post-mortem. All angora used by any of our suppliers is currently being traced and all proper corrective actions will be taken when any impropriety is found in the process of humanely taking angora hair for fabric weaving or knitting. While we do use lamb shearling, we do not use or allow Karakul skins in any of our products.
    Our strict vendor compliance policies are in place to ensure our suppliers are conducting business legally, ethically and we are committed to ensuring proper and humane animal welfare in all stages of our supply chain.
    We work with third party companies to continually evaluate and monitor the operations of all of our independent suppliers and regularly review our program to modify it, when appropriate, to comply with changing laws and to include best practices and standards.
    We thank you for your interest in our Company and for your continued support.
    David M. Uricoli
    Vice President Global Human Rights Compliance