Monday, May 12, 2014

Gadhimai, Nepal sacrifice, send emails please!

Thank you Nina

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Dear Excellencies,
Dear President,
Dear Ministers,
Dear Ambassadors,
Mrs. Mr.
And to whom it may concern :

We wish to express to you our deep concern about severe animal cruelty being conducted in the name of a belief of another age in Nepal.
Indeed, the participants make themselves belief that the sacrifices of animals for the Indian goddess Gadhimai will chase the devil and will bring them prosperity.

We are outraged that Nepal sacrifices, in the name of a belief, thousands of animals in dreadful conditions. There are no rules to regulate sacrifice, instead the government supports blood sacrifices by providing subsidies!
Apart from regular sacrifice at Goddess temples, extreme cruelty is conducted at certain festivals including the live skinning and burning of animals, slow killings through throat slitting, killing with unsharp knives, public beheadings, etc.
In particular, we refer to the Gadhimai Festival in the Bara District of Nepal which is "celebrated" by sacrificing around of 300,000 and 500,000 animals!
These creatures are killed en masse in an unorganised manner by ‘devotees’ which includes the public beheading of 30,000 buffaloes.

This horrendous cruelty towards animals is not the only reason for this letter.

Today we know that one of the threats on earth is the global climate change provoked also by the intensive cattle breeding processes. The planet collapses literally while people in poor countries are starving.

We ask the Government of Nepal to have these practices abolished for the following reasons:
1. Cruelty against animals harms society as a whole; it signals and normalizes insensitivity in children who can become numb to the suffering of living beings. It is also known to influence people to commit violence to other living beings, humans.

2. It strengthens vested interests – sacrifices generally boost the interests of those who financially benefit from superstition-based beliefs and rituals. As Nepal is moving on to become a more fully democratic, egalitarian society, it is crucial to challenge age-old superstition/beliefs which are not beneficial but drain the resources for the poor and needy.

3. It contradicts the spirit of laws – Nepal is concerned about the welfare of its precious flora and fauna, and has signed a number of international Wildlife Treaties followed by the introduction of the Meat Act, which introduces humane killing of livestock and poultry. The cruelty displayed in these so-called traditions completely contradicts the spirit and gestures of these treaties and acts!

4. We ask for the definitive stop of these bloody and useless practices for the safeguard of our planet as well, because there are no easy answers nor miracle solutions for climate change. Without a universal awareness, the planet will not survive the nonsense of the overconsumption of meat. Furthermore, we think that the festival of Gadhamai is a grotesque, barbaric wasting ritual which has to be banned!

We beg you to end these violent practices and help Nepal move towards a truly peaceful, civilized, ethical country, boosting its international image. This can be done by introducing and enforcing the much needed Animal Welfare Act to curb animal cruelty and by promoting genuine animal welfare activities across the country!

We trust that you will support these measures (which are becoming more widespread around the world) and thus promote non-violent, civilized cultural practices in Nepal.

Yours sincerely,