Sunday, May 4, 2014

Petitions and More, May 4   I appeal to the investors of the Altor BioScience, Bionomics and Intrexon companies: Help us to stop patents on animals and in particular apes!
Read:    Patent on "Cancer chimpanzees", to be used in animal experiments!  Use translate please  More signatures please  Air France, Stop shipping Primates! Scroll down, click on the image, more attention
Punish the trainer Mourad  Abdullaev for animal cruelty and ban him from practicing this profession!
Mr. François Hollande: We demand a ban on Bullfighting!  Several petitions from need more attention   Conviction for rescuing six doomed beagles, destined to suffer and die in a laboratory? It is high time for a lawsuit with the neck question heroism or crime? Please sign and share!   Request better working conditions for Viennese Fiacre Horses!  Severe punishment for perpetrators beheading Swan! Confirm please   Animal Police in every municipality in Belgium! Confirm  Get a new Sec. Code first  Oppose attempts to force approval of Keystone XL. US
Do not allow this Circus in town  Protect Tasmania's World Heritage forests!
                                                             =============   News, video’s   =============   "Humane slaughter" exposed at Australia's largest pig slaughterhouse  Make Your Vote Count for the Animals!

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