Sunday, May 18, 2014

Petitions and More, May 18  Scroll down, Tell Canada to end its shameful seal slaughter now!
We are asking your assistance in uncovering the brutal sadistic crimes committed against animals by this policeman, and have him punished!  Pledge  Candidates who signed the pledge!;jsessionid=D1B289170EE64D6F54DB36D6256B62D3.app322b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=6451   Please oppose S. 1996 and uphold pivotal protection for wildlife and endangered species! US Against more control to private logging companies! US   Oppose New Broiler Chicken Factory Farm in Worcestershire!  Criminal gangs are looting the Amazon rainforest! They’re stealing rare trees, which are chopped up to make expensive flooring and garden decking  UK ZIP N1 2PN   Don’t allow our oceans to be destroyed by deep-sea mining!  Please Protect the Tongass and Begin Rapid Transition from Old-Growth Logging!  US  Federation of Medical College of Veterinary Venezuela: Guillermo Barreto Ruiz has to be suspended and/or fined
Help for flood victims in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia!    Columbus County, put a stop to the cruel and unethical eutanizing of our shelter pets!
                                                                                ========   News, video’s    ==========  Death Camp of dogcatcher Ionut Radu Pantazi, Romania Balotesti, € 200,- or else they will be starved to death, even for owners
Should hunters be allowed to continue shooting stray pets?  Again please, Vote NO! Manipulated?  List of the candidates supporting STOP VIVISECTION, EU

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