Monday, May 26, 2014

Petitions and More, May 26  Many more signatures please!  Tell Greenville County, SC that killing kittens is wrong! Just 508 more signatures!  Animal Planet: Remove Wolf-Hating Episode!  Iowa, Gov. Branstad, please sign Senate File 2362! Greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane, and should end! US  Mr. Ramiro Hernandez, Mayor of Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico: Allow NO MORE Bullfights in Guadalajara Jalisco!  Against Trading Lives of Rare Desert Elephants for Votes in Namibia! Take action please, and Vote: this belongs on CNN!   American flooring retailer Lumber Liquidators even buys timber from a Brazilian state where 78% of the wood is illegally harvested! More signatures please! ZIP=5 digits    Forest Service, reject a plan to poison prairie dogs in Wyoming's Thunder Basin National Grassland!  Protect manatees with new and bigger sanctuaries and safer visitor guidelines!  Create a refuge and a pound in each municipality! Needs more signatures, confirm please  Help seal the deal on HidroAysén – send a letter to President Bachelet, Chile,  asking her to cancel the project!
Jalisco should follow Mexico City, Puebla and Chihuahua, and establish criminal penalties for people who abuse and are cruel to animals! is currently undergoing maintenance, come back later
Just 256 more on signatures needed!   Italy, the total suspension of all types of fox hunting!   Bosnia, Support needed, rescuing Animals, Banja Luka, "Udruežnje for the protection of animals Kerber Banja Luka"
                                                                           =======  News, polls, video’s   ==========  Only 52% NO, 6,000 coyotes killed in Utah’s bounty program! Vote No please! In the middle of the article
Only 52.8% now! Vote NO please! Against the shooting of abandoned pets by hunters!  Urgent support needed for the Balkan!   Animal rights activists against pigeons feed ban and fining

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