Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Namibia, Stop trading the Lives of Rare Desert Elephants for political Votes!

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Minister, Sir, Madam:

I am shocked to read that The Namibian governemnt, is offering hunting tags on the elephant bulls in lieu of political votes.

"The Namibian General Election is due to be held in November this year. The ruling party, SWAPO, has in the past received very limited support from marginalized communities in Damaraland and Kaokoland. In turn, these same communities also receive little or no assistance from the Government of Namibia, due to their differences in tribal and political affiliations. A source inside the Government has leaked information about the sale of hunting permits for up to 6 of these 18 bulls for non-trophy hunting (more than 33% of the suitable remaining bull elephants); this means the bulls will be shot by hunters just like normal big game, except that the hunters will not be able to take any trophies home with them. The meat from these elephants will then be given to the marginalised communities mentioned above, in order to gain their political support. In essence this means that each person would receive approximately $1 USD worth of meat. A small price to pay for a vote. In Africa ‘The Father of the Nation’ is the one who feeds the nation, even if it is only once.

The Namibian Government has apparently secretly proceeded with the sale of these hunting permits, against the advice of highly qualified scientists and conservationists working tirelessly towards the protection and understanding of these elephants in the desert.

Legitimate efforts to buy these permits have been made by private concerns and tour operators, who understand their live value and the fact that these elephants bring massive revenue into the communal areas. The options made available to the Namibian Government include replacing the elephant meat with beef for the villages. These offers have been ignored in lieu of the Namibian Government furthering their own political agenda........"

With 35000 Elephants poached last year and currently 4 killed per hour that the Namibian Desert Elephant is in mortal danger from the issuing of hunting permits to kill these animals, and taking bookings for 2015 to kill more.
They were reduced to fewer than 300 animals by the early 1990s from rampant over-hunting.

Since then, protected under Namibia's law and merging conservation organizations, they have expanded their range from the north, where they were safer living among the nomadic Himba people, as far south as the Erongo Region, as well as east onto commercial farmland.. Now, that same protection appears to have fallen away with the issuing of hunting permits to again kill these animals.

It is wrong to allow any of these gentle giants to be lost to poaching or hunting. It is unforgiveable for the Namibian government to allow this.
You are even advertising for people to book to kill more in 2015, and also to book to come and kill Lions while they still can because the government thinks the law may change and put an end to Canned hunting.

I am so disappointed in the Namibian government.
I ask you to PROTECT the desert elephants of Namibia, only 500 left and 6 of the 18 remaining bulls will be killed for fun, greed and corruption!
This is unacceptable and the world needs to know!

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I, Elephant

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