Thursday, May 1, 2014

Petitions and More, May 1   Be Cruelty-Free by Banning Import and Sale of Animal-Tested Cosmetics in India!  Please stop the maiming and killing of Animals for military training exercises!   More signatures needed!   Speak out against Cruelty, Ban Veal Crates!  End non-stun slaughter to promote animal welfare!  UK ZIP    Antiques Roadshow:  stop glorifying ivory - it's killing elephants!  Sterilization for the Cats in Lille!  More signatures needed, confirm please  Stop Vivisection!  More signatures please   BLM: do a complete inventory of Lands Wilderness Characteristics, protect Otero Mesa from mineral extraction!  Non-US, State=other, ZIP=5 digits
Stop the illegal Dog Meat Trade in Indonesia!
                                                       =============   News, video’s   =========  Reward in killing-case of 25 NY cats jumps to $23,250   15th Anniversary Party of the Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation

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