Friday, May 23, 2014

Petitions and More, May 23  Positive news, and please go to take action!   Stop Maine’s Cruel, Sadistic Bear Hunt!  Maine's Rep. Gov., Paul LePage, wants to dramatically expand bear hunting with baiting, trapping, and other cruel forms; for Maine’s tourism!         Signatures will be delivered next week in Portland, Maine    Weakening the Endangered Species Act! Vote NO on Hastings's Four Bills H.R. 4315, H.R. 4316, H.R. 4317, H.R. 4318!   3 important Actions, Wolves, Bears!  Research and Adoptable Animals! Please take action if you live in California, Minnesota or New York!  To sign, ZIP=5 digits  (Confirm)
EBRD bank: Stop financing livestock factory industry with our tax money, f.e. horrible livestock factories in Turkey and Ukraine!  Drop the Charges!  Stop sulfoxaflor from becoming the final straw for bees!   Tell the EPA to Protect the Grand Canyon from Coal Pollution!  Save the Sea Otter from the Effects of Climate Change!  Protect Penguins from the Effects of Climate Change
                                                             ==========     News, video’s, polls    ==========  Poll! 6,000 coyotes killed in Utah’s bounty program! Vote No please, as often as possible! In the middle of the article
Vote NO at least once a day please! Against the shooting of abandoned pets by hunters!  Reliable results??  Craiova, Romania, fostering becomes very expensive

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