Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Open letter to President Xi Jinping of China

Open letter, adapted, to President Xi Jinping  /  thanks Nina!
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Subject:  Open letter to President Xi Jinping of China

Your Excellency,
Sir, madam:

It is with extreme indignation and distress that we learned about animal welfare campaigners in China having discovered hundreds of stray dogs - including a number of puppies - buried alive in a mass grave. 

Commonly regarded as vermin by locals in the area of Azuiqi in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, these sentient beings have most likely suffered horribly before they died of suffocation, inhaling dirt... 

Confucius, the famous Chinese philosopher said: “Cruelty to animals has exceeded any human imagination!”
“Anyone, who has heard the cry of an animal being killed can never eat its flesh again  

Your Excellency, how can we believe in the values of your country, when at the dawn of the third millennium, and despite your scholarly technologies, China despises the wisdom of the words of this Great Man, and your nation has lost its soul in the pleasure of suffering and cruelty in what we call today : the Chinese Animal Genocide.

Indeed, humans and animals are identical, because we are all the same sensitive beings of Creation.

We all have emotions, feelings of joy and contentment, and we all can suffer, and experience pain, in order to avoid it! 

China never ceases to amaze me with its rich history of art and science, and nothing would make us happier than to have an alliance of heart with your country.  
 However, this deliberate,  abhorrent cruelty inflicted on animals is extremely offensive to westerners, and millions of people worldwide have seen numerous photos, news reports and videos of cats and dogs being killed in horrifically cruel ways, even sold in restaurants, skinned and boiled alive for the preparation of food, and the cat and dog fur trade is employing the most painful and hideous methods! 

We, western people, are absolutely horrified.

News travels far and wide across the globe which prompted me to write to you.

Cruelty to animals throws a very evil light onto the Republic of China.

Cruelty to animals makes the Republic of China look extremely barbaric as photos and videos are being distributed throughout the world of hideous, cruel acts deliberately done to animals, which is most upsetting to human beings as well.

Countless people all around the world have even boycotted Chinese products due to cruelty to animals.

We are also aware that in Guangdong, China, 10,000 cats are boiled alive every day for human consumption.

The full alliance of China to the West, and the whole world,  includes  Animal Welfare Laws, such as exist in almost every civilized country. 

Animal suffering and such utmost atrocities dishonor all our human values. 

Please institute animal welfare laws, as in all  civilized countries, which will make full acceptance of your country, China, in the eyes of the Western world, and beyond!

The best way to get to our hearts is through the kindness to our sentient co-beings, the animals! Truly!

And the western world will love and admire your country, China,  for doing this! 

I cannot imagine that you, Your Excellency, can accept that human beings allow themselves such barbaric, evil acts towards other sensitive beings.

I cannot imagine that, in your eyes,  dogs and cats, who were domesticated by men for all the virtues they have, being kind, intelligent and innocent and so useful to men in many circumstances, deserve such a horrible fate!

I trust that you, Your Excellency, have the same thoughts and feelings about this. 

Within the framework of your function of leader of the nation of China, you shake hands with other Presidents, who desire a superior, altruistic and more compassionate world. 
Being truly humane and ethical has so much impact on everybody’s mind, in every way.
Included are a few links which are extremely saddening, to say the least: 

Your Excellency, we ask you, please, put an end to these atrocities and make sure that the consumption of companion animals is prohibited throughout the whole of China! 

Thank you for your time and for reading this letter. 

Most respectfully submitted,

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