Friday, May 30, 2014

Petitions and More, May 30   End the inhumane trapping of wolves! Name+email please  BLM again caving in to bullying tactics and demands by promising to conduct a massive Wild Horse summer roundup in the Bible Springs Complex in southwestern Utah! Last day to protest!  BLM, stop ignoring hundreds of thousands of public comments and start adapting your land use policies to reflect  societal, environmental and economic change!  Scroll down to sign please! Object to resubmitted plans put forward by Midland Pig Producers (MPP) for a factory farm for 26,000 pigs near the village of Foston, UK (CW9/0311/174)!  Ebay, stop the sale of foie-gras on your UK website!
European Parliament: stop hunting the foreign stray dogs in Belgium as well
Brazil, NO more Foie Gras!  Champion Wild Bison in Montana! No Slaughter for Habitat!   Send a message against the BC Forest Giveaway Plan!  (Name+email)  Tell Cameroonian authorities to seize the timber before it leaves the country!  Cancel Destructive Logging and Help Protect the Rim Fire Area!  Forest Service: Stop the Chopping Spree in America’s Tongass!  France, NO to empowering mayors to have our cats captured on our private property! Urgently needs more signatures please!   Against the Way They Feed Lions in Chinese Zoos: Animals torn to pieces!
                                                            ==========   News, polls, video’s  ==========  Poll, vote YES please (Do you agree that this is senseless cruelty?)   Jane Goodall Institute France, vote at your right please!  (Unclick news, confirm vote=confirmer)   Plenty of exercise for the Dogs! More video’s at your right..
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