Monday, May 5, 2014

Petitions and More, May 5   Thailand petition, still open!
More signatures needed    Facebook CEO: Stop animal pornography on Facebook and Nationwide!  We ask the Congress to be immediately resumed the creation of the Code of Animal Protection!
Brasil, an immediate end to the slaughter of donkeys in the Northeast!
Support an ecological corridor of 45 hectares , the National Park Itatiaia the Campos do Jordão State Park, Brasil!
City of Recife: For the immediate shutdown of the Zoological Park May 13, Recife-PE   President Dilma Rousseff, sanction laws for a National Public Health System for Animals   Urgent, more signatures please!  Request the EU to stop subsidizing bullfighting with tax money!   Finard Properties, do the right thing and keep Pocket Pets out of your malls   Florida Manatees, more attention! ZIP=5 digits  Just Say No to Clearcuts in the McKenzie!  Non-US: state=none, ZIP=5 digits
Needs many more signatures!
                                                         =============     News, video’s   =============   Romania,  urgent adoption and help needed for my rescued dogs    Prime Minister John Key has ruled out the use of animals for testing controversial legal highs drugs!

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