Friday, May 16, 2014

Petitions and More, May 16   Use translate please!  Air France,  STOP shipping monkeys to cruel laboratories!  Ask the UK to End Animal Testing for Household Products!  NY only: Support legislation to expand TNR in New York!  Mayotte: Justice for the tortured and hanged stray dogs!  ZIP=5 digits, confirm on top, and afterwards in the mail please  EU Parliament: an EU-wide reasonable animal welfare law!  Needs more signatures McDonald's, Please Include Meatless Options in Your Menu!  To stop Amazon destruction, we must stop U.S. companies from buying into Amazon crime. That begins with Lumber Liquidators! Take action please!  Protect the Mighty McKenzie from Reckless Logging!   A mandatory rescue program for all Australian Animal Pounds & Holding Fac.
                                                                       =========    News, video’s  =========  Demo’s in EU for our Romanian dogs, May 17  Video, action: Campaign against Canned Hunting  Use translate please. Flooding in Serbia, dog Yeller saved at the last minute in Luchani!   News and Blogs

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