Saturday, May 31, 2014

Petitions and More, May 31  Calling for the closure of the rabbit farms investigated by Animal Equality!   More signatures please!   Australian Defence Force: Stop Live-Animal Trauma Training!
South Korea, Suwon District Attorney: Use your power for the punishment of animal abusers!  More signatures please!
Needs more signatures!   Labeling vegan and cruelty-free products for long-term avoidance of animal testing!  Many more signatures needed!   Urge Canada to END its Shameful Seal Slaughter!  Against the Mistreatment of Donkeys on Santorini, Greece!  Save Angel the Dolphin  Rollkur / Hyperflexion / LDR and any such mentally and physically abusive methods need to be banned once and for all!
Over a million homing pigeons die every year during Taiwan's seasonal pigeon races  This may be our last opportunity to save Patagonia from this massive hydroelectric project in Chile!  A terrible beetle outbreak has destroyed millions of acres of America's forests!
Spain, Prohibit new law to slaughter abandoned animals, help them, feed them!  Stop the Logging of Old-Growth Rainforest in Alaska!
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