Saturday, February 3, 2018

Petitions and More, February 3 Needs more attention.  US-info. Protect Farm Animals - Oppose H.R. 2887 AND H.R. 3599/ H.R.4879 Needs more signatures. Petition against the fox hunt in Austria! Volkswagen, Mr. Müller, please promiss animal-free testing methods! 1) Shocking Indianola Animal Shelter Failing Animals in Mississippi  2) Stop the SAVES Act Before It Kills Endangered Animals US Government releases plan to end animal testing Protect North Atlantic Right Whales from Deadly Entanglements  Once again. Withdraw All Planning Areas From Five-year Leasing Proposal US-info. Support our public lands and voice opposition to any efforts to eliminate or shrink National Monuments, including HR 4532 and HR 3990 Russia. Krasnodar, charge this woman who cruelly killed the neighbor's cat! Raise penalties! Volkswagen should declare itself Against any animal testing! France. Evolve and transform this term 'Aid Contracts' and rename it so all those wonderful people who love their work and do a general, constructive, moral and altruistic work of interest for the welfare and the rescue of these tortured, abused and abandoned  animals can continue to help and to work for them, else, many rescues will have to close! Return this fox, now 11 years old, who has been raised by Chantal, immediately! Distress in nursing homes! Over 100 animals, well cared for. Why do we have to remove all these animals, especially the deer, which have been there for more than fifteen years? No to intensive factory pig farming in Pozuelo by the Cefusa-ElPozo group!  La Mancha Alta. Let us enjoy our archaeological and environmental heritage without smell of pork Russia. Stop large-scale destruction of forests of Siberia and the Far East Russia.  Forbid to destroy the forest park reserve  "Vorobyovy Gory" and Neskuchny Garden in Moscow No to the destruction of a pine forest for the extension of Kedge Business School Find Sick Animal Abuser Who Beat, Hanged, and Shot 4-Month-Old Puppy! Creating the world's largest marine reserve in Antarctica Don't Let Trump Dismantle Our National Monuments We Won't Stand for Drilling In Our Oceans End Fossil Fuel Subsidies in Canada Brazil. Create roads of access under and over the highways and use fencing to prevent accidents with animals, in addition create laws that protect animals and condemn such ‘accidents’ Tell LA Animal Services to Vote Yes on Plant-Based Dog Food
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