Monday, February 26, 2018

Petitions and More, February 26  Friday 2/23/18  #HRes401 Daily action Reps.  #25 - #26 Saturday 2/24/18  #HRes401  Daily action, --> Reps #27 - #28, 2 different letters! Sunday 2/25/18  #HRes401 Daily action,  Reps #29 - #30 2 different letters! ------- Friday  2/23/18  #HouseBill1406  Daily action, -> Reps #25 - #26 Saturday  2/24/18 #HouseBill1406   Daily action, Reps #27 - #28 Sunday 2/25/18 #HouseBill1406 Daily action, Reps #29 - #30 ------- France. Justice for Nikita, dragged to death behind a car for 25km! To confirm Ask Nestlé: Why won't it act now to stop buying corrupt palm oil?  NZ Govt, implement a nationwide ban on single-use plastic bags  Every year the Utah Bureau of Land Management (BLM) spends millions of taxpayer dollars destroying thousands of acres of native pinyon pine, juniper forests and sagebrush stands in the name of “habitat restoration,” but it's for cattle grazing! Click to send an email Italy. After the horrific massacre of dogs in Sicily and especially in Sciacca, we request to cancel the passage of the Giro d'Italia through the city of Sciacca! Russia. Tver region. Protest! In Rameshki, the court forbade the dog rescuer to keep her own dogs, she has to get rid of them! Russia. Bring the students of Krasnoyarsk College of Radio Electronics and Information Technology, who tortured, killed a kitten, to justice! Russia. We demand punishment for the policeman -Egorov Oleg from YaNAO for massacring a dog Russia. Irkutsk region. Create a shelter for homeless animals in the Markov MO; it can become also a center for encouraging humane treatment, educating the public, fostering responsibility for pets, conducting preferential sterilization with info for the local population Brazil. More severe penalties for those  who mistreat animals! Russia. Prohibit the abandonment of animals on the street by law Let the mistreated dog in Palma be adopted now, and apply an exemplary sentence to the abuser and make sure that he can not have any animals Russia. Protest! Deleted from the Red Book by officials who are specifically commercially interested in the resolution of hunting for these species! These include: Himalayan bear, subspecies of reindeer, gray goose, gray duck, Caucasian chamois, Caucasian noble deer, Siberian mountain goat, kloktun and common turtle-dove! The Ministry of Justice should not allow this, it's illegal !  ------- Russia. Sergiev Posad District, today they poisoned my dog, they will kill me tomorrow! The attackers deliberately came to my house and threw poison over my fence. They killed my only defender Russia. For a limit on the number of meat farms and the number of cattle per farm Stop the continious deforestation and ecocide in the Zona Esmeralda in Atizapán Zaragoza, Mexico! Russia. Ban the law on the Territories of advanced development which allows you to lease 60% of our country to foreign countries! Turned into deserts, Siberian forests cut down by the Chinese, the scale is huge, millions of hectares! Russia. Stop cutting down our forest park, in the area of ​​Novo-Peredelkino, before it's too late ! Russia. Introduce new forestry principles! Russia. Turochak District, the Altai Republic. Stop logging! Every day more than a thousand cubic meters of pine trees are destroyed and removed! Russia. Do not let us destroy the Ussuri Taiga in the Primorsky Territory, unique forests called  the "northern Amazon"! Protest! Venezuela. Groups of invaders have dedicated themselves to felling and burning trees to build ranches destroying the only plant lung that the inhabitants of El Paraiso, the area adjacent to El Pinar Park, have! Ecuador. Defend nature and all its inhabitants, save the most biodiverse place on the planet, the Yasuní and its indigenous peoples in danger of oil exploitation! Spain. The dangerousness of the reckless anti-storks 'policy' of the Churches and Cathedral of Lleida! Spain. In Lleida, its City Council and its Bishopric violate the animal protection laws for birds, causing the death and suffering of storks and pigeons Italy. Keep the Lombard canals flowing, save it's life and biodiversity Spain. Enkarterri valley, province of Bizkaia: we demand a serious study of the situation: study of dispersion of particles, unit of measurement for the own contaminants of the plant
                     ===========   News and more   ==========  Hunting permits for Horses, unbelievable! No to Wild Horse Hunting in the Navajo Nation! United Horse Warriors on Twitter Don’t forget to vote! Against animal abuse, China; click on the red hand in the middle (or on the grey lining), drag it up to the SECOND PAGE, nr. 3, click on the thumbs up! Thanks. Now  1184105 votes  Scroll down to vote for nr. 4: to abstain from meat and sausage products altogether  Next: abstimmen Germany. The Higher Regional Court Naumburg finally acquitted three animal rights activists for gaining access to a pig farm in Sandbeiendorf (Saxony-Anhalt) and filming cruel conditions there!


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