Thursday, February 22, 2018

Petitions and More, February 22 Check for more actions, if not taken part in yet Italy. Sicily. Request for the dismissal of Sciacca's Mayor Francesca Valenti for propagating in the streets of the City, in an indiscriminate manner, poisonous substances (not issuing any warnings) which killed dozens of our dogs on Febr. 15, 16 2018! To confirm (in your spam/junk. Ora Movimento)  Italy. No to staging the Giro d'Italia, May 9, in Sciacca! In memory of the poisoned dogs! A country in which the weak are overwhelmed and eliminated, can not accommodate a sporting event of such high value! To confirm (check spam/junk) US-info. Only 180 Panthers Left: Act Now to Save the Florida Panther! France. Stop the massacre of Wolves! To confirm France. A roof and fodder for equines in winter! Insufficient legislation for cattle-sheep and ... equines, adapt the text from 25 October 1982 of Legi-France, because it says that equines (ponies, donkeys and horses), need only a hedge, a wall or a tree! France. Aave the peacocks of the island of Bercy from a new Paris-Beach, a so-called "ecological" bathing on Lake Daumesnil, in the heart of the Bois de Vincennes Dolce & Gabbana Exposed: Investigation Reveals Rabbits Are Tortured for 'Orylag Fur'! Millions of Foxes in Feces-Encrusted Wire Cages in Poland! Urge The Priceline Group to End Bookings for Exploitative Elephant Camps  Austria. Urgent, if not signed yet! Stop the brutal calf transport, being shipped across Europe just because they have no value in this country! To confirm  US-info. Needs more signatures (no ZIP code) An opportunity to protect wildlife, water and non-motorized recreation opportunities by creating a Wildland Provincial Park Other petitions for Wildlife  Protect Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument Public comment in defense of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante Spain. In the Biscayan municipality of the Valley of Trapagaran, the mistreatment of cats is constant without your municipality doing anything to avoid it. Cats are poisoned, shot, mistreated, malnourished ! Animal abuse is a criminal offense that should be prosecuted!  Email: Twitter:  Xabier  Cuéllar: @xabier_cuellar    ------------ Italy. Justice for the German Shepherd Dik, killed by making him swallow a "mouthful of poisoned meat mixed with nails and glass" (as the veterinary report attests); to make sure that the animal had no escape, he was subsequently tied to the pole of an abandoned building in Bastiglia, Borgiallo, Turin! Russia. Protect animals, wildlife, from cruel treatment in the bird market "Market on the Garden" , Novokuznetsk where they keep (protected) wildlife which have been trapped in nature! Mexico City. For a Statue in honor of Frida, canines, rescuers and volunteers  Once more. End the Dog and Cat meat trade, HRes 401 and HR 1406, thepetitionsite, if not signed yet! Join the fight: Don't let Trump get away with highway robbery!
                        =========   News and more    =========  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) winter roundup season is upon us. The traumatic helicopter roundups that will be conducted this season are even more concerning than usual,  since every single wild horse captured is in danger of being killed or sold for slaughter! Poll , Switzerland. Should the import of meat from livestock killed without stunning be banned? Please vote nr. 2! Abstimmen, add the control number!     1) No, the religious freedom of the Jews and Muslims is higher.     2) Yes, the animal welfare is much more important.     3)  I'm not sure


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