Monday, February 19, 2018

Petitions and More, February 19

Contact  ;;    ============! Sunday 2/18/18 #HRes401 Daily call to action,  Target --> Reps #15 -#16 Emails, calls, Facebook, Twitter! Sunday 2/18/18 #HouseBill 1406 Daily calll to action  Riley Chi. If not retweeted yet, please do. Ask These Reps. to Cosponsor  #HR1406 1-5 #HRes401 6-10 Actions for Animals, if not signed yet Why are Alaskan Brewing Company, Northern Air Cargo, and Providence Alaska Medical Center still sponsoring this merciless race? Domino's, please offer vegan cheese and vegan meat toppings for your pizzas  Washington only. Speak out against a bill that would transfer Washington's public lands US-info. Congress: Don't roll back protections for our oceans, oppose HR 200 ! Ukraine. Put criminals in jail, they kill animals and people! Some protect the homeland, people and animals, and save them, while others destroy and kill. We ask for a maximum sentence, and all material with the police, the prosecutor's office, and in the media Russia. For a Humane Regulation of the Number of Homeless Animals in the Rostov Region; CNR, vet's care, vaccinations ‘Russia’...: Save the defenseless dogs in the resorts of Crimea! Spain. City Hall of Sagunto: CES/TNR projects for the cat colonies and a place to live!  Italy, Sicily. 30 dogs killed in Sciacca! Let’s start with TNR and free veterinarian care!  The second Italian province for species richness and therefore for biodiversity - can not afford to leave this heritage unattended. Piedmont Region, intervene urgently to allow our agents to continue their work in the interest of the community! Support NGO Novelo de L√£’s initiative for an Animal Protection Office in Fortaleza! Spain. We need a shelter or sanctuary for at least 200 abandoned cats in the municipality of Fuengirola! Russia. Do not legislate to sprinkle roads with (dangerous) chemicals! Let's save to Galapagos and it's endangered marine fauna from illegal fishing by Chinese vessels, especially the hammerhead shark! Ecuador. Protest! During 2016 and 2017, the Ecuadorian government granted mining concessions to foreign multinationals for over 2.9 million hectares of watersheds, protective forests and indigenous territories; hundreds of species are in danger of extinction!  Mexico. Cancel the construction of the RIU hotel in Punta Nizuc! The area at risk is located in a vast polygon of natural resources, a reservoir not only with mangroves, but of more than 230 species of birds, reptiles, algae and marine vegetation, in addition to manatees, turtles and other species of coastal systems under federal protection or declared endangered!  Protest! A treasure in the Mexican Caribbean is being threatened by foreign companies. On the island of Holbox, home to many endangered species, there are mega tourism development plans! Spain. Support is needed for the continuity of the ecological, social and educational Canyet Project, model in the world If not signed yet, please do! Demand a Justice for the Endangered Black Panther and Other Protected Animals in a Wildlife Sanctuary! With updates
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