Saturday, February 10, 2018

Petitions and More, February 10 Join Us in Calling for a Fur Free Britain! The UK government ordered the country's last fur farm to close its doors back in 2003, but fur cruelty is now being imported from overseas National Institutes of Health and U.S. Department of Agriculture, protections for animals in laboratories shouldn't be gutted and should, instead, be strengthened ; laboratories must be accountable and transparent to the public!  Take action please, ask for support to cosponsor HRes 401!  UK-ZIP. Needs 100,000 sign. Ban the sale of animal fur in the UK. To confirm Stop the abuse of donkeys transporting passengers or luggage on Santorini island, Greece! To confirm France. Exemplary penalty for the individual who dragged a dog behind a scooter in Bobigny!  Australian Environment Minister, Greg Hunt and Gregory Andrews, the country's first Threatened-Species Commissioner, stop killing feral cats!  If not signed yet.  Protect BC's Endangered Old-Growth Forests and Sustainable Forestry Jobs 1) Stop the Pioneer Day Festival of Cruelty 2) Sharks Need Their Fins, Ban the Bloody Trade If not signed yet. Soriana, say No to chickens in cages US-info. Federal government, protect our oceans and the marine wildlife that inhabit them Russia. Prohibit by law the mass persecution by poisoning of dogs and cats in the Astrakhan area! Andalusia. Protest! In response to the deputies of the Andalusian PP parliamentary commission, their intention to declare game keeping, hunting and shooting to be of cultural interest! Argentina. CGP N°11, property of Antonio Devoto station, spare the colony of neutered cats living underground, they have become urban wildlife and the Sarmiento law has to be respected! Congress is Putting Wildlife At Risk! Courage the Dog Found With Tow Chain Embedded in Neck Rescue The Abused Animals of Amazing Animals Productions Protect Bedrock Environmental Laws in 2018
                    =========   News and more   ==========   Don’t forget, vote every 24 hours, against animal abuse, China; click on the red hand in the middle (or on the grey lining), drag it up to the SECOND PAGE, nr. 3, now 1183218 votes, click on the thumbs up! Thanks


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