Thursday, February 15, 2018

Petitions and More, February 16  Retweets #HRes401 Twitter TARGET —> HSLF High Scoring Republicans Group List #1 - #20 Message: "Help the dogs & cats, the voiceless victims of violence in the dog cat meat trade. Children taking part & become desensitized, help break the cycle! URGE ALL NATIONS TO OUTLAW, send HRes401 Cosponsorship to @RepHastingsFL cc: @GOPLeader @SpeakerRyan @LaraLeaTrump" Retweets #HouseBill1406 Twitter TARGET —> HSLF High Scoring Republicans Group List #127- #136 and 7 Key Reps  Message: "Help the voiceless victims of violence in the dog cat meat trade. Children taking part & become desensitized, help break the cycle! Dog Cat Meat Cases in USA! GLOBAL FIGHT=USA! Send HR1406 Cosponsor to @RepHastingsFL cc: @GOPLeader @SpeakerRyan @LaraLeaTrump" Speak out for Louisiana’s wild horses living in Fort Polk and Kisatchie National Forest Though the horses have lived there for decades, the Army intends to round-up and remove them. If the horses are removed, most, if not all, will likely be slaughtered! Stop the King Amendment from gutting anti-factory farming laws! EU Commission: Stop the long-time animal transports! Germany. Against reintroduction of the construction & trap hunt! For the protection of foxes & endangered species in NRW! Confirm please Rapper and singer Drake, cut ties with the company Canada Goose! Tell Alaskan Brewing Company, Northern Air Cargo, and Providence Alaska Medical Center to stop sponsoring this disgustingly cruel race!  Minnesota-info. Ban the Snare and Repeal the Wolf Hunts! Aiming for 100,000 sign. To confirm. End the export of live farm animals after Brexit US-info. Keep Oil and Gas Leasing Out of America's Arctic US-info. Oppose any legislation aimed at the Roadless Rule or the Tongass National Forest! Tell our major parties to commit to new nature laws for Australia....... The Netherlands. Protest! Above Schiermonnikoog, British Hansa Hydrocarbons wants to pump up billions of cubic meters of natural gas. The vulnerable sea-nature is threatened, and the Netherlands is violating the Paris climate agreement! US-info. Stop Pruitt from traveling first-class to promote Big Oil's agenda!  Tec de Monterrey, Campus Santa Fe: do Not remove the (spayed and neutered) cats on your campus where they always have lived! Mexico City.  Instead of killing so many animals, consider the opportunity to collaborate with society, giving training to dogs to become: canine police, guides for blind people, dogs for therapy either for children or adults, for security, rescue dogs, etc.and adoptive families for their integration Opposing a farm with more than 3,400 sows and 77,000 piglets/year in Cerecinos de Campos. This town is partially included in the Natural Reserve of Las Lagunas de Villafáfila, it belongs to the Natura 2000 Network and to the Penillanuras Campos-Sur SPA! Spain. Mayors of the municipalities of (South) Catalonia such as Tortosa, Ampolla, Deltebre, do Not hire the services of companies from other communities where it is allowed the kill abandoned animals! Mayor of Tortosa, reconsider the decision to give the management of the Animal Protector Arca to the company that won the public tender. Let the animals remain in Catalonia, so that volunteers will take care of them as we have done so far! We Request Revision And Legislation for the Animal Protection Law In Puerto Rico! Stronger laws in favor of the protection of animals, stronger sentences for abuse and abandonment ! Argentina. Not only castration programs for the abandoned animals, but educational programs for society as well  Irkutsk region. Protest! On the shore of Lake Baikal in the Slyudyansky district a Chinese plant for bottling drinking water will be build (for China) ; this will cause significant regional damage! We want to publicly denounce the ecological crime in the Laguna del Caciqu, Páramo de Santurbánlocated, municipality of Cácota! Designate the National Rifle Association (NRA) as a Domestic Terrorist Organization under the USA Patriot Act Give NRA donations to gun violence survivors! Tell Starbucks: Don't trash our planet with plastic  Big Banks: Time to Stop Destroying the Planet
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