Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Petitions and More, February 21  Save Virginia's Dogs from Freezing to Death on Chains, urge Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to support SB 872/HB 646 and see that it is passed and then strongly enforced! Name, email, address. Pet shop 79 cases of neglected murder case. Urging reinforcement of management structure of companion animal industry, S. Korea! Tuesday 2/20/18  #HRes401 Daily call to action--> Reps #19 - #20 Tuesday  2/20/18  #HouseBill1406 Daily call to action --> Reps #19 - #20 Retweets from Riley Chi: Please  Ask These Reps. to Cosponsor  #HR1406 1-5 #HRes401  6-10 ! US-info.  Congress: Stop Trump’s Dirty, Dangerous Offshore Drilling Plan US-info.  Ryan Zinke and U.S. Forest Service Chief Tony Tooke, protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness watershed from toxic sulfide mining! US-info. HB 135 pollutes your water, undermining Salt lake City's ability to protect their source water IWC (International Whaling Commission), add small whales and dolphins of 4 m or less within the IWC jurisdiction! Brazil. A plan for a decent life for abandoned animals. São Paulo. On behalf of those who suffer the most, and suffer for not having a voice in society, "the animals", we ask you to look after them and make changes Colombia. Pitalito, Huila. 82 animals poisoned in just 21 days; dog stabbed to death and other machete attacks; tails cut of; mistreatment of horses and the sale of them to illegal slaughterhouses; killing of wildlife! We demand of you, as dictated by the laws 1774 of 2016 and Law 1801 of 2016 in your Title XIII, to investigate each of these cases, find the whereabouts of the guilty and punish them! Italy. The massacre of the poisoned dogs: let the Mayor of Sciacca Francesca Valenti, resign! Colombia. La Calera, Vereda Marquez. Sanction this horse owner, and protect the horse! Brazil. For the exemption of all taxes on dog and cat food, too many abandoned animals, we want the same rights as agribusinesses having an exemption in cattle rations! Spain. They want to move this colony of ​​Las Glorias, in Barcelona, to an area in Poblenou, far from its feeders, where other colonies of cats already live! But the planned park would be a great place for them! Russia. Stop the construction of a Chinese cement plant in the Ulyanovsk region!  Russia. Stop building in the forest reserve on Lake Baikal! Russia. Urgently intervene in the situation that has developed today not only in our Baikal village Listvyanka, but in all villages and settlements of Lake Baikal. There is an active purchase of land from citizens of Russia by Chinese citizens. Already, 10% (!) of the village land in Listvyanka belongs to the Chinese!  Russia. Stop the destruction of sacred Baikal lake! Stop the sale of it’s water to the Chinese, stop other activities! Russia. As well. Lake Baikal  Russia. Do not reduce the water protection zone of Baikal! Protest! Ravine des Lataniers, natural and historical heritage, is being threatened by a massive rock quarry project in the framework of the project of New Coastal Road (NRL), in its variant Dyke + viaduct Cancel the AR-15 Raffle Helping to Raise Money for a 9-and-under Baseball Team!
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