Monday, February 12, 2018

Petitions and More, February 12 Tell USDA: Faster Slaughter Means More Terror and Pain! Once again. US-info. Tell Congress to end VA's "maximum pain" experiments on dogs! Scroll down for daily actions, HR1406 Please take the effort to take action, HRes401 Short tweetsheet for HR1406 and HRes 401 10 Retweets, Please Ask These Reps. to Cosponsor #HR1406,  #HRes.401  ! Reclassify the theft of a pet to a specific crime in its own right. UK-ZIP format AA1 1AA Save the EPA, tell Scott Pruitt to resign! Protest! Syngenta and Bayer, two big chemical corporations, are pushing Trump’s EPA to consider a plan to allow even more bee-killing pesticides to be used on 165 million acres of crops! Russia. Save the sled dogs - prisoners of a concentration camp in the village Gushchin, Tver region! Russia. For a legislative ban on mass baiting with poison of dogs in Alatyr! Italy. The new government: there are 160,000 minks to save Endangered feline colony, neighbors threaten to close the access and/ or have them euthanized in the pound Russia. I demand prosecution of the hunter who killed my dog Thomas in the village SNT "Michurinets" Help build the shelter for the homeless and seriously ill animals in Cherkessk Argentina. Protest against the Tourism Agency's 'de la Paz Tur' day-excursions in the province of Entre Rios for foreigners to kill doves and partridges! No to hunting feral pigs in the natural park of the Desert, it doesn’t work, apply sterilization methods f.e. Russia. Tighten control over the sale of isoniazid in pharmacies, a poison for pets Germany. Help rescue 90 hectares of nature reserve in the Berliner Ring ! France. Object to the plans to establish a high ropes course in Elincourt Sainte Marguerite, in the center of wetlands and sensitive wildlife habitats! Germany. Dortmund: No high voltage line through the Bittermark and Löttringhauser forest! Russia. Help stop the beginning of an ecological catastrophe - the construction of a Mega garbage "Polygon" for municipal waste in the area of the Babanina villages and Boldin (Petushki district of Vladimir region) Russia. Stop illegal logging in Staraya Stanitsa, Krasnodar Krai Stop logging for the needs of China in Siberia
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