Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Petitions and More, February 14 US-info. Tell Congress: Reject BLM Mustang Slaughter Plan !  US-info.Stop Nevada Plan to Give Away Virginia Range Mustangs! Make OVO's inbox overflow until it ditches the overtly cruel Canada Goose! US-info. Oppose President Trump's One-Two Punch to Wildlife! If not signed yet. Protect Penguin Habitat in East Antarctica and the Weddell Sea Panama. Suspend the timber logging permits (in protected areas such as the Chepigana Forest Reserve and in buffer areas of the Darién National Park, Alto Darién Protected Forest, and other protected areas) for Chinese businessmen who then export it to China! Wildlife, such as the harpy eagle and the jaguar is in danger! Argentina. We demand the creation of the Yrigoyen Nature Reserve managed by the neighborhoods and not by real estate deals! Ban the use of Podencos and Galgos (and other breeds) as hunting dogs in Spain! Mexico.  Support the creation of the Revillagigedo National Marine Park, one of the largest marine protected areas in the world (with an extension of more than 14 million hectares) Mexico. There are less than 30 vaquitas left in the world, save the Vaquita! Russia. Let's save the lungs of the Moscow region! Forests are cut down by hundreds of hectares! For more security controls and adequacy in animal farms and slaughterhouses ... Spain. Defending the Castril River. Support our initiative to present a Proposition of Law in the Congress of Deputies requesting the Repeal of the Fifteenth Disposition of Law 22/2011 of Waste and Contaminated Soils, which has been used de facto to deceive Justice Spain. No to the lithium mine in Valdeflores, save the Mountain of Caceres! Windsor & Maidenhead council - Drop proposed fines for homelessness Dog Who Wouldn't Hunt Abandoned in Woods Protect Ontario Water Supplies: Grow our Greenbelt
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