Thursday, February 15, 2018

Petitions and More, February 15  US-info. Congress, support this bill to save America's vulnerable wildlife now! US-info. Secretary Zinke, we expect you to stand up for America’s Wilderness, public lands, and wildlife legacy, and if you're not up for that task, you should resign! Retweets for HR 1406 and HRes401  End tax-payer funded torture! Primates Abused at SNBL: Please Pull Company's PHS 'Assurance' Oregon-info. Governor Kate Brown, protect Oregon's endangered wolf population! Yale asked to probe 250 cases of alleged lab animal abuse or neglect, short letter to send Urge the University of Toledo to End the Use of Animals for Emergency Medicine Training Tell Congress to Oppose Bills Allowing Foie Gras, Dog Meat, and Battery-Caged Hens! Stop the Chicken Toss and Greased Pig Contest in Ridgeland, Wisconsin Renounce the Use of Pangolin Scales in Medicine! France has embarked on the hunt for wolves, a protected species, while 75% of French people find this unacceptable; Minister of Ecology, listen to the demand of the majority of citizens, and put an end to this campaign of hatred against wolves!  To confirm If not signed yet. France. Let's ban animal farming for the fur industry  If not signed yet. France.  Animal Experimentation: for alternative solutions! Bolivia. Government, stop the Chinese poaching and killing Jaguars (for their fangs) in Bolivia, do Not allow the Jaguar to be exterminated!  Congress, keep our protected public lands safe from dangerous drilling and mining US-info. The proposed budget for funding the federal government for fiscal year 2019 is a blatant attack on our oceans! Submit a Comment on the Line 3 Pipeline Colombia. Constitutional Court and National Registry of Colombia, we want the suspended anti-bullfighting consultation to be carried out as planned in Bogotá! Justice for the brutal killing of this dog by B. Bukor,Tchaikovsky district, do not deny the owners the initiation of criminal proceedings! Russia. Free sterilization will significantly reduce the number of stray cats and dogs! Armyansk, Crimea. Punishment for cruelty, hanging animals from his balcony! Chile. Avoid construction of the Coastal Highway - RUTA 1 - through the Pan de Azúcar National Park! Brazil. Minas Gerais. Guaxupé without horse abuse now! Art. 32. Practicing an act of abuse, ill-treatment, injuring or maiming wild, domestic or domesticated animals, native or exotic: Penalty - detention, from three months to one year, and fines! We suggest the creation of a sanctuary for horses released from animal traction, where volunteers can contribute to the maintenance, cleaning and welfare of animals! Italy. Adriatic Coast. Mussel breeding, a threat to life! Controls, traceability, biodegradable materials needed!  Chile. No to the Altos del Trancura project, Save the Mariman Falls, Trancura River - Pucón! Venezuela. Let's save the Orinoco, let's save the planet! Spain. Urgent. A serious ecological attack is coming, the Ministry of Development has decided at the last minute to change the route of the AVE between Burgos and Vitoria, to  save costs . This will cut through a virgin landscape causing serious and irreparable ecological, social and cultural damage! Keep Dogs Off Menu in Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games Aldi: "Different" but not in a "Good" way Plankton over plastic: Canada needs a strategy to tackle marine plastic pollution
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