Monday, October 2, 2017

Petitions and More, October 2 Scroll down, please help retweet 11 messages to US Congressmen "Laos Bludgeoning loyal companions. Send a message to outlaw cruel dog meat. Pls send #HRes401 cosponsorship to @RepHastingsFL" If not signed yet. For a state wide Animal Birth Control program in Kerala, India US-info. Please take action via the Wolf Conservation Center’s active campaigns! ZIP=5 digits. Four wolves from the Harl Butte pack of Oregon have already been killed this year. There are barely 100 wolves in the entire state, and ranchers have asked for the rest of the pack to be killed off! Needs more sign.! (All electronic signatures will be emailed along with a letter outlining the health risks associated with the consumption of dog & cat meat) Scroll down, say ‘NO’ to animal experiments at the RVC, UK! UK-info. Ask to your MP to back campaign to ban cruel battery breeding cages for gamebirds Please ignore Butterball's petition for a dead turkey emoji US-info. Tell your senators to reject funding for Trump's destructive border wall Argentina. No more cruel hunting of and experimentation with the Aotus monkeys by the FIDIC Institute! Italy. Have animals recognized by law as sentient beings, not as ‘mobile goods’ ! Turkey. Add under the Turkish Penal Code: abusers, torturers of owned or not owned animals, beaten, raped, tortured, will be punished with imprisonment! Italy. Latina, Gaeta. Mayor and members of the City Council: abolish the approved amendment to limit the amount of animals; sterilize and treat stray animals in the city; provide the associations with a space equipped to create a municipal cattery  to accommodate cats to protect them from poisoning and violence! Ukrain. Kiev. Stop the dogkillers. No official target Mexico. Promote the adoption of animals and training, no dogpounds, only shelters Spain. No update. Region Valladolid. These six "masters of torture", under the benevolent mantle of Multiple Sclerosis, intend to celebrate a bullfighting festival with clear intentions to promote this among young people, with discounts, even for five-year-olds it’s free!  
Stop using animals, dead or alive, in Universities, use alternatives France. Requesting investigation. Recently deceased dog corpse (around September 27, 2017), starved and beaten, burned in Livry-sur- Seine (77) and deposited in a garbage bag as vulgar waste! Panama. Save the Donoso Protected Area - No to the Segregation of your Coastal Zone for tourists (save the beach and its wildlife)
               ========   News and more   ========= Orini Combined School cancels possum hunt after online “abuse”.....


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