Saturday, October 7, 2017

Petitions and More, October 7 Plea from the Locals: protest this dog meat trade in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, West Lake District; copy/paste, send you message! Retweets, co-sponsor H.Res. 401  A new effort to convince Congress to maintain the longstanding prohibition on the destruction and slaughter of healthy wild horses and burros. Let's send a personal video message about why we're fighting to protect these national icons! Urge the USDA to Revise Regulations to End the Automatic Renewal of Licenses Issued to Chronic Violators Urge Spring River Park & Zoo to Retire Suffering Animals to Reputable Sanctuaries Yale Is Paying Someone to Torment Birds Urge Albertsons to Ban Glue Traps France. For a major and in-depth Reform of hunting! To confirm Combat the rise of theft, trafficking and animal abuse in Martinique!  ZIP=5 digits. Help stop the pebble mine, the toxic, gold and copper mega-mine that poses catastrophic risks to Alaska's spectacular Bristol Bay and its world-renowned salmon runs, abundant wildlife populations, and Native communities! US-info. Tell the Senate to keep the Arctic Refuge off-limits to Big Oil Turkey. Protest! Hitler fascism in the Baku Municipality, organizing animal destruction operations in the middle of the street, using bullets, burning them alive in a custom made furnace ! Spain. The same amount of money spent on animal torture and killing should be spent to save animals Brazil. Special Organ of the State of São Paulo Justice Court: no longer elect judges who defend the use of instruments that cause suffering to animals and the events of roping, steer wrestling, vaquejada events, kids rodeo and the use of electric and mechanical shocks Spain. Do justice and readmit this worker and demonstrate solidarity with the animals and people who dedicate their lives to the care and protection of these Stop Tyson Hog factory from torturing these poor pigs (own email, Douglas County School District) Wrong targets Russia. Stop illegal dogfights in Odintsovo! Turkey. Against a mine in Murat Village, destroying 211 hectares of woodland! Japan. Hiroshima. Please prepare the environment of the island for the deer of Miyajima, and take measures for animal friendly management Paraguay. No to mining prospecting in the Cordillera del Yvytyruzú, deforesting the hills, expelling their fauna and eliminating their flora Stop the Senate from Imperiling Endangered Species! Let’s get to 12,000 sign. Canada: Demand a Fur Labelling Act! There's No Safe Drilling in the Arctic! America’s Biggest Egg Producer Should Be Cage-Free Change Euthanasia Policy for Surrendered Dogs! New Bedford: Send Zoo's Incompatible Elephants Ruth and Emily to a Sanctuary Agri-plastics: Stop Using Breast Cancer Awareness To Sell Animal Cruelty
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