Friday, October 20, 2017

Petitions and More, October 20 America’s wild horses and burros are facing their last stand The Senate Appropriations votes have been delayed again. The appropriations votes will decide if we preserve protections for wild horses or allow them to be killed and sold for brutal slaughter. Please keep calling, emailing, tweeting! I urge Minister Schouten, the Netherlands, to put an end to distant Livestock transports as soon as possible! The Telethon: experimentation and canine suffering; it is unacceptable to provide financial support for research that results in the suffering and death of innocent, poor dogs. Animals are not vulgar objects of experimentation, I denounce the aberrations of Ttelethon and of all associations which support and practice experiments on animals!  To confirm US-info. Please Urge Your Members of Congress to Protect the Marine Mammal Protection Act on Its 45th Anniversary! US-info, call, email (click on the symbol). Five dangerous bills that threaten to undermine the Endangered Species Act by prioritizing politics over science and undercutting citizens’ ability to help enforce the law just passed through the House Natural Resources Committee and onto the House floor. We have to stop them here and now! Together these bills—H.R. 424, H.R. 717, H.R. 1274, H.R. 2603 and H.R. 3131—constitute a frontal assault on species that are on the brink of extinction, on science, and on the right of Americans to go to court! Urge BCBG Max Azria to Ditch Angora and Fur Stop Taxpayer-Funded Animal Experiments! 118 beagles and puppies are "set to die" on government treadmills. We're fighting to de-fund this where it matters most: Congress Protest! The Quebec government has decided to open Quebec's lakes and rivers for oil and gas exploration and exploitation projects! Urgent. US-info. Stop Congress From Opening Arctic Refuge to Drilling! US-info. Don't pass a budget that includes drilling in the Arctic Refuge! Public consultation on the authorization of slaughter of the ibex of Bargy  US-info. Take a stand for the protection of marine mammals from seismic airgun blasting and other activities in the ocean that can harm marine mammals. It’s time to protect coastal communities and marine mammals by keeping airgun blasts and oil drills out of all of our oceans France. Minister of Agriculture and Ecology: requesting the immediate withdrawal of this new insecticide, sulfoxaflor! To confirm  Canada. Now's Our Chance to Get Environmental Reviews Right France. Every day, cats are abused, abandoned, thrown into the street. The same goes for dogs and you know it because you have adopted one. We wish that free sterilization centers are created. Some people can not afford to see a veterinarian but love their animals
Take Our Survey On Bear Cub Hunting In Alaska Spain. Give the dog that saved a 2-year-old girl a dignified life (without being chained) with his family!
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