Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Petitions and More, October 18 Tell China to stand its ground and ban the rhino horn trade! South Africa’s legalization of rhino horn trade undermines our progress with China Physicians Committee is turning the spotlight on eight advanced medical training programs that use and kill animals in spite of the fact that more effective, cruelty-free alternatives exist. Take action please! Retweets, co-sponsor H.Res. 401! Condemn the dog and cat meat trade! Let’s get to 10,000 sign.! Stop the barbaric treatment and killing in the Sarajevo dogpound, Praca! Name, surname Help Stop Disastrous Forests-for-Fuel Practices!  US-info. Congress: Reject any budget that recklessly endangers the Arctic Refuge! US-info. Tell your representative to defend the Arctic Refuge -- make the pledge! Tell the EPA: Protect tropical forests by reducing imports of soy and palm! California Museum Supports Killing Newborn Chicks Germany. Abolish abattoir practicumas a compulsory internship for veterinarian students. To confirm Stop banks from financing disaster projects that are destroying our climate and trampling on the rights of Indigenous peoples ZIP=5 digits. Tell the Corps of Engineers: Wetlands are our home! Brazil.  Mayor of Rio Claro, Mr. Juninho da Padaria, provide an adequate area for Dona Rita to build a rescue shelter to better accommodate the animals  ! France.  Prosecute this individual so that justice can be done in accordance with article 521-1, and prohibition to own a dog for life, so he can never get a dog and turn it into a weapon again! Spain. Galicia. For a forestry and rural policy, fire prevention has to be a priority. The money spent on extinction would have to go to prevention. Avoid speculation and exploitation for spurious purposes! Argentina. Reform of the Argentina Constitution of 1994, prohibit the use of rifles and pistols of compressed air, gas, spring and gomeras in the region of Rosario, they are causing severe damage to animals, wildlife, common areas and private property ! Spain. Protest against a chicken factory at 600 meters from Valtorres and 1,000 meters from La Vilueña (Community Region of Calatayud, Aragon), a farm of 72,000 chickens for fattening! Maintain US Protections for Endangered Species Owner of Paw’sh Paws in Cumming GA beats small dog before hanging by a leash till dead!
            =========  News and more   ========= The choice between humane birth control for horses and burro's and what the Bureau of Land Management has requested. Watch the video and then donate to help us promote it on Facebook and YouTube around Capitol Hill!  S. Korea. Employees pressured to eat dog meat by chairman

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