Thursday, October 26, 2017

Petitions and More, October 26 US-info. Help Stop BLM Plan to Roundup Utah’s Onaqui Wild Horses! Please Ask These Reps To Co sponsor H. RES. 401 ! Dual Resolutions Tweet Sheet #2 Co-sponsor #HR1406 & #HRes401 ! Every year around 50,000 horses are needlessly transported thousands of miles across Europe to slaughter. Urge the European Commission to change the law that is failing horses! 12-hour maximum journey limit for horses Implement the ban on dog culling in Bangladesh! Needs a lot of attention!  Request for the immediate resignation of the CEO of the Humane Society of Broward County, Christopher Agostino, to be replaced by a leader with successful “No Kill” experience. Over 4,000 cats and dogs have been killed at the Humane Society of Broward County from Aug ’16 through July ‘17. Nearly 100,000 cats and dogs have been killed under current leadership Once more. US-info. Take a stand for the protection of marine mammals from seismic airgun blasting and other activities in the ocean that can harm marine mammals France. Yes to the abolition of hunting, hunters think they are all allowed, even to enter private property to murder sentient beings, under the eyes of the National Gendarmerie! To confirm France. Avalanche mail to wake up Nicolas Hulot #LibertePourMaya the Elephant Germany. Change the law, nobody should kill an animal Protect the Ocean, chart a course for real sustainability, better data, successful rebuilding, stable and profitable fishing businesses and good days on the water for generations to come  US-info. National Park Service has proposed to massively increase the fees to visit 17 national parks US-info. Scroll down please. Oil and Gas Industry Targeting Livingston, Montana. Speak Out! Turkey. Municipality of Eyup Göktürk. Stop collecting street animals like garbage! Turkey. Stop the poisoning, killing of dogs and cats in Mersin, Silifke, Tasucu Turkey. Eyup district. Eyup municipality goes against the 5199 animal protection law; all abandoned animals should be treated with care, in cooperation with NGO's and animal activists Russia. Help to punish Alexander Sharov, Serpukhov, Shkolnaya street, 10 - my neighbor and part-time valiant fighter, for the cruel treatment of animals, who shot my dog Ulf! Update. Post a comment. Stop the chicken industry’s dangerous plan to increase kill speeds! Biodiesel in Europe consists of up to 25% palm oil. Protect the rainforests and their inhabitants and finally stop the admixture of palm oil in fuels! Italy. Seveso III regulatory requirements for hazardous materials transport pipelines for the environment and application of the current legislation End the Senseless Slaughter of Hundreds of Yellowstone Bison!  Convicted for protecting the rainforest for his kids - Free Clovis Haribo Needs to Ditch the Animal Cruelty and Slave Labor Declawing Cats is Brutal and Wrong
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