Monday, October 30, 2017

Petitions and More, October 30 Retweets. Please ask these Reps. to co-sponsor H. RES. 401 ! Retweets. Please, Ask These Reps To CoSponsor #HRes1406 And #HRes401  If not signed yet. Hong Kong: End ivory, not elephants! Help protect the last remaining Sumatran orangutans which are being pushed to the brink of extinction.  Their homes are being destroyed for Conflict Palm Oil that makes its way into Halloween candy and Nestlé won't stop buying this Conflict Palm Oil! Mexico. Torneo del Lazo takes place throughout the year in various Yucatán municipalities, where horses are trapped with bulls that severely injure and often kill the horse! Urge for an end of the cruel spectacle Torneo del Lazo! Netherlands. For a ban on unstunned slaughter! To confirm US-info. Protect Yellowstone’s Grizzly Bears, Support S.941 and stand with Senator Tester to protect the Emigrant Crevice from mining US-info. Tell Congress to reject efforts to gut the Antiquities Act Safeguard Belize’s marine assets from offshore oil activity Japan. Makoto Oya captured 13 stray cats and tortured them, putting them in a video and making it public. We will pursue the responsibility of "animal cruelty enthusiast" for causing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in people who were effected by the abominable and devastating details after the incident report Brazil. Intensify inspections for animal cruelty in (breeding) kennels and pet shops in Rio de Janeiro! The Canadian Government is still allowing the hunting and killing of polar bears, a threatened species. The only restriction is that they must have an Inuit guide and pay a small fee of $750.00, this is utterly ridiculous! Italy. Immediately suspend hunting in the Piedmont region to give wildlife and flora a chance to recover Spain. City Hall of La Puebla de Almoradiel (Toledo). We now need land to build an animal shelter for our rescues Facebook supports animal suffering and torturers of all kinds, if it prevents us from informing the public! France. Requesting protection and sterilization of the last 3 nutria's in the Jacques Coeur basin, Montpellier Leonardo di Caprio, known for your many commitments to the planet and to animals: we call for the creation of a post of an International High Commissioner for Animal Defense Spain. San Vicente de la Barquera. Stop the plan that will damage the estuary of San Vicente and the Natural Park of Oyambre Italy. Piemonte in flames: the intervention of the Army and the state of calamity is required Russia. Kargopol. Stop the pollution of the Onega River, before it's too late Germany. For a complete ban on the use of pesticides of any kind for private individuals, stronger controls for use in agriculture (soil samples). Ending monoculture in agriculture France. Label all products treated with this herbicide with ‘Presence of glyphosate on this product’
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