Saturday, October 21, 2017

Petitions and More, October 21  Use this email to protest! Include “Advisory Board Comment” in the subject line!  BLM advisory board meeting's plans: phase out all wild horses in holding over 3 years; use the wild horses and burros for "humanitarian" aid - feed them to the poor; ship 20,000+ mares to Russia to feed to their tigers!! Click to send an email to the Flemish Minister of Animal Welfare, Ben Weyts, for a ban on fur farms in Flanders, Belgium! 1) Help Build the World's Largest Wildlife Crossing! 2) Stop Bow Hunting Massacre of Whitetail Deer in Silver Lake, Ohio 3) USDA: Stop Renewing the Licenses of Repeat Offenders! Deadline Oct. 23 US-info. Help us pass the PAST Act against the painful, inhumane practice of "horse soring"! Tell Breast Cancer Charities to Use Non-Animal Research! Urge the DeYoung Family Zoo to Retire Chimpanzees to Reputable Sanctuaries! France. Nancy. Seize the severely neglected dog kept in this place where another dog died before, a complaint has been filed. To confirm More petitions, if not signed yet Visit Scotland but don’t kill our hares US-info. Protect one of the most important fish in the sea - menhaden US-info. Stop Mendocino National Forest Clearcutting Russia. Murmansk. The center for temporary keeping of animals speculates with animal lives! But they are not allowed to kill the dogs (after 2 weeks)! Russi. Ukhta, the Republic of Komi. Put this scum behind bars, Ivan Vasiliev, filming his cat in the washing machine, horrendous death! Russia. Corporation Koshelev. Official support needed to create a Haven for the Homeless Animals of 'Steep Wrenches' The Dominican National Police should abide by the law without distinction 248-12! They shot a female stray dog called Duqueza (Duchess) in a residential complex, giving birth to puppies! France. Justice for this dog, Jessy, punched and kicked by the ‘leash holder’ Italy. Tuscan region. Viareggio: environmental disaster! We need institutions to intervene urgently End Cruel Canned Exotic Animal Hunts in Texas Sign to Help End Puppy Mills in Your State For Good! Help End the Cruel Bear Shows in Russia
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