Thursday, October 5, 2017

Petitions and More, October 5 Once more. US-info. Tell Congress: Support PUPPERS Act to defund V.A. dog experiments Retweets needed, co-sponsor H.Res. 401, condemn dog and cat torture for their meat! Important petitions, if not signed yet To post a message, sample given If not signed yet. US-info. America’s wild horses and burros are facing their last stand. Stand with us. Stand with the herds Tell UF to stop contracting with TAMU's MD dog laboratory! Tell Patterson: I’m appalled that you broke your promise to help dogs at the Pet Blood Bank. Give these long-neglected dogs the chance they deserve by allowing reputable greyhound rescue groups to take them in!
To call its parent company, Patterson Companies: 651-686-1600, US In 2011, IKEA, one of the largest catering companies, promised to increase its animal welfare standards for chickens at the end of 2016, but it did not implement this step.Ask the IKEA group leader to keep their promise! To confirm US-info. Once more. Protect Bristol Bay from the destructive Pebble Mine! Protect Bill S-203 to outlaw keeping whales in tanks! Russia. We demand the activities of the so-called DogHunterov, Doghunter Movement, to be recognized as terroristic acts, also refering to their widely known "Manifesto of Doghantors" The 1999 UN resolution states that "crimes designed for political purposes in order to provoke a state of fear among the public, groups of individuals or individuals, are not justified under any circumstances! Germany. Statutory video surveillance in all slaughterhouses as well as the additional continuous presence of official veterinarians in the sensitive areas of anesthetization and killing is required to ensure that farm animals are at least killed without additional suffering of an arbitrary or involuntary nature, or because of indifference! France.  Minister of Labor: maintain the jobs recognized by animal welfare associations of general interest! The abrupt cessation of the contract system will put shelters, dogpounds and animals in a very perilous situation! Russia. Protest! Cats are dying and killed in Moscow, apply the resolution of the Government of Moscow AJ from 2000, which obliges to ensure the access of animals to the basement, providing for removable gates, etc.! Update.  Members of the public may send comments to the Fish and Wildlife Branch at:  or via a template at: On Aug. 14, 2017, the B.C. government announced that effective Nov. 30, 2017 it will end trophy hunting of grizzly bears and stop all hunting of grizzly bears in the Great Bear Rainforest!
----------------------------------- Alcalá la Real, province of Jaén, Spain. No more bullfights in Alcalá la Real! Lacking petitioner’s name, target Albanian legislators a.o.  Protecting Anchovies = Protecting Over 50 Marine Species Awareness. Protect Amazon Wildlife - Sign the Selfie Code Awareness. Protect Sloths from Exploitation
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