Saturday, September 30, 2017

Petitions and More, September 30 Retweet please, Chengdu, Sichuan province China. Dogs doomed for slaughter in China. They don't have the option to turn away, Pls send cosponsorship #HRes401 to @RepHastingsFL  US-info: Once more please, with the House blocking anti-horse slaughter amendments to 2018 spending legislation, the fate of America's wild horses and burros now rests with the Senate! Call/email US-info. USDA, Transparency and access to animal welfare records! Please Stop the Illegal and Cruel Turkey Drop! Update, let’s get to 70,000 sign. ! France, No to the farm factory with 4000 cattle! To confirm  ZIP=5 digits.  Submit Scoping Comments on Coos Bay Dredging Turkey. Alanya Municipality. Find those responsible for the poisoning of at least 100 Cats! 
Cordoba. Stop the cruel killing of Calves on 8th Oct., Cordovan women do not need this! Russia. Stop the mistreatment and sever neglect of ponies and horses at Vladivostok, sports embankment, apply the animal welfare act! Spain. Tortosa. Keep Ark protective Animals Tortosa, ARCA, involved with the animals, Not "The Corralet Vinar├▓s" (with reports of animal mistreatment)! Turkey. Eski┼čehir Metropolitan Municipality. Remove, change the electric wiring, it's torture for the zoo animals France. Protest! The SPA Valdelancourt 52 shelter will close its doors on 31/12/2017 Russia. Dilijan. Hotel BW Paradise. Boycott it for it's appalling dolphinarium  Stop the largest open-pit mine in North America from being built!
             =========   News and more    =========  The tragic short lives of foxes on a fur farm PETA.  Thousands march for animals—and more


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