Saturday, October 28, 2017

Petitions and More, October 28 I support an end to the use of animal toxicity tests and request to see this prioritized in the EPA’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan Please End Wasteful Spending at NIH! Urge Century 21 to Drop Fur Urge Texas A&M University to Close Dog Laboratories Ask the EU to stop subsidizing bullfights with public money Protest against series of malpractices and the appalling state of animals in dairies, especially in urban and peri-urban areas in India 1) Stop Birds Being Boiled Alive! 2) US-info. Ban the International Dog & Cat Meat Trade Canada only. Alberta, protection for caribou and their habitat now!  Scroll down please US-info. End Bison Hunt West of Yellowstone!  Immediate Action Needed! Stop the suffering for selfies: Help the sun bear! Argentina. Punish the poisoner of 3 puppies in the area of ​​the Soc Rural de Tucumán Brazil. Sao Paulo.  Repeal the Municipal Complementary Law 221-2011 that allows allotment in an area of ​​environmental preservation in the Serra do Mursa, in flagrant disrespect to previous laws! It is a further attack on the life and biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest! France. The cats of Port de Bouc in distress and danger need a place of peace and that is what we ask today for them ... a refuge! Turkey. Stop the street dogs' persecution, stop the violence on the horrific scale applied by the municipal teams,  Eyüp Municipality teams should be immediately dismissed and must be brought to justice!  Japan. Nishinomiya city council: please cooperate with the volunteers for the survival of the cat hut of Nishinomiya!, for the sterilized cats, well taken care off! Argentina. E. Ríos. Do not accept the resignation of Dr. Claudio Ledesma, Director of Natural Resources, let him continue his projects for Wildlife! Australia. Save the Paynedale endangered species habitat from being turned into a regional waste facility! Italy. Piemonte Region, Turin region: declare our burned mountain areas to be protected from hunting and building speculations! Italy. Balocco: a Christmas of cruelty to chickens Netherlands. Crabs and lobsters deserve a welfare law as well (kill them in a humane way) Argentina.  Eradicate the use and commercialization of fireworks in the Necochea region Help Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims Evacuate With Their Pets Introduce The Death Penalty Or Life Imprisonment For ANYONE Found Guilty Of Being Involved In Poaching Activities Protect our green turtles's home! Don't let the Adani Mine destroy the reef Protect our reef & our children's future. No public funding for Adani's coal mine
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